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The following table lists contact information for ORNIS lead institutions and participating providers. Institutions interested in joining ORNIS should contact Town Peterson, Carla Cicero, and John Wieczorek.

ORNIS Lead Institutions:
Name, Position
E-mail Address
Town Peterson, Curator and ORNIS PI
Carla Cicero, Curator and ORNIS PI
John Wieczorek, ORNIS and MaNIS Lead Programmer
Carol L. Spencer, HerpNET Coordinator
ORNIS Participating Providers:
Steve Kelling,Director of Information Science
Joel Cracraft,Curator
George Barrowclough,Associate Curator
Tom Trombone,Data Manager
Walter Boles,Collections Manager  
Paul Flemons,GIS Manager
Nate Rice, Collections Manager
Scott Lanyon, Director
Robert Zink, Curator
Doug Nelson, Director
Jill Soha, Curator
Allen Allison, Vice President for Science
Carla Kishinami, Collection Manager, Vertebrates
Richard Pyle, Database Coordinator for Natural Sciences
Jack Dumbacher, Curator
Moe Flannery, Collections Manager
Stan Blum, Research Information Manager
Michel Gosselin, Collections Manager
Peter Frank, Registrar
Roger Baird, Director of Collections Services
Patricia Escalante, Curator
Kelly Cassidy, Curator
Greg Budney, Curator (Audio)
Benjamin Clock, Assistant Curator (Video)
Kim Bostwick, Curator
Charles Dardia, Collections Manager
Jean Woods, Director and Curator
Gene Hess, Collections Manager
John Bates, Associate Curator
Shannon Hackett, Associate Curator
David Willard, Collections Manager
Byron (Bud) Freeman, Director
Rob Moyle, Curator
Mark Robbins, Collections Manager
Angelo Capparella, Curator
Gretchen Knapp, Biodiversity Informatics Coordinator
Kenneth E. Campbell, Curator
Kimball Garrett, Collections Manager
J. Van Remsen, Curator
Steve Cardiff, Collections Manager
Scott Edwards, Curator
Alison Pirie, Collections Manager
Jeremiah Trimble, Collections Manager
Linda Ford, Manager of Collections Operations
Brendan Haley, Database Manager - Collections
Greg Farley, Associate Curator
Chris Witt, Curator
Andy Johnson, Collections Manager
Barbara Lundrigan, Curator
Laura Abraczinskas, Collections Manager
Pamela Rasmussen, Lecture Professor
Robin Bolig, Georeferencer
Rauri Bowie, Curator
Adolfo Navarro, Curator
Peter Wimberger, Director
Gary Shugart, Curator
Allan Baker, Curator
Brad Millen, Database Technician
Mark Peck, Technician
Paul Collins, Curator of Vertebrate Zoology
Krista Fahy, Associate Curator
Phil Unitt, Collections Manager
Gary Schell, Curator
Amanda Person, Collections Manager
Keith Arnold, Curator
Heather Prestridge, Assistant Curator
Peter Reinthal, Curator
George Bradley, Collections Manager
Kathy Molina, Collections Manager
Rob Guralnick, Curator
Mariko Kageyama, Collections Manager
David Mindell, Curator
Robert Payne, Curator
Janet Hinshaw, Collections Manager
Eric Rickart, Curator
Rebecca Rowe, Post-doctoral Researcher
Patricia Freeman, Curator
Thomas Labedz, Collections Manager
Terry Chesser, Curator
Gary Graves, Curator
Brian Schmidt, Museum Specialist
Tom Orrell, Informatics Branch Chief
Craig Ludwig, Scientific Data Manager
Rob Faucett, Collections Manager
Chris Wood, Collections Manager
Linnea Hall, Director
Rene Corado, Collections Manager
Rick Prum, Curator
Kristof Zyskowski, Collections Manager
Reed Beeman, Director of Informatics Program
Vladimir Loskot, Curator